Summer Haircuts for Long Hair

How to impress everyone with your perfect look?

Hats, berets, and caps were thrown off since now is so hot weather. To change the hair or its length – it’s not a problem, look here. But do not rush to part with luxurious long locks: they will still be useful to you. Stylists offer girls a variety of options for the most fashionable hairstyles for the summer. Hot trends envisage different option with, braids, buns, colored strands, and ponytails. Get inspired by photo ideas and video lessons and make your dreams come true!

Fashionable youth women’s hairstyles for summer – welcome art ideas for long hair.

With the heat outside to make beautiful styling becomes extremely difficult. But this does not mean that now only the tail is a king! Light summer options will remove the hide from the sun and create a stylish image!

Beautiful summer tail

Fashionable hairstyles for this season are often performed from the usual tail. This variant looks elegant and youth.

  • Brush intensively.
  • Then make a division of strands into two parts, highlighting in the top of the head a wide strand of hair.
  • Tie back the hair and twist it into a tight braid.
  • Lay it in the bun and secure with a pair of studs.
  • Tie the tail with a rubber band.
  • Highlight the thin strand and wrap the elastic around it.

Romantic Banding

For under shoulder-length hair, such a romantic styling is perfect. It looks great with a dress and a sundress.

  • Comb all back.
  • Separate two identical strands on the sides.
  • Braid them and tie them together with a thin elastic band.
  • In the remaining strands put a special roller.
  • Fix with studs.
  • Sprinkle varnish.

Bone for Long Hair

Do you have long hair, which is not comfortable during the sunny days? Glamorous solutions for long locks will allow you to open the neck area and keep the strands in order.

  • Make a side parting and throw all the hair on one side.
  • Separate the thin part and divide it into three.
  • Begin to weave a French spikelet, grabbing strands from one side only.
  • Move down the face.
  • Braid to the tips.
  • Tie the tip with a rubber band. If desired, decorate with ribbon or live flower.

Tails Are Always Welcomed

Simplicity! It’s all about this.  Do not hesitate to make this bold experiment despite your length or structure.

  • Divide the hair into three equal parts in an even horizontal parting.
  • Tie three tails with a very thin rubber band.
  • Pull them down a bit and twist all them.
  • Carefully straighten the strands.
  • Curl tips with iron.

Go ahead!

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