Bun Hairdressing: Elegant and Romantic

This romantic solution has existed so long. It is unlikely anyone can say exactly when it appeared. The first peak of the hairstyle popularity came in the seventies of the last century, and since then it has not ceased to be a success. It’s a great option that is suitable for both secular reception and for everyday occasion.

There are many options:

  • high or low; 
  • smooth or sloppy; 
  • with fleece or bun-pigtail; 
  • the bun is usually attached with hairpins or rubber bands. Sometimes you can decorate your hair with one or several pins with pearls. Of course, long hair is more suitable for it, but this variant can also be done on medium-length hair.
  • Smooth 

Very impressive, so it is suitable for such important events as the wedding of a girlfriend, the celebration of a New Year or birthday. In order to make it, you need to straighten the hair, and then collect them in a ponytail, smooth out by the comb. Wrap at the base and secure with pins. 

  • Sloppy 

A romantic image that will add lightness to your appearance. First, use the mousse and apply it over the entire length of the hair. While then, if you have straight hair, curl it a little. Gather the strands in a tight tail, then, highlighting the strands in the middle of the tail, fasten each of them with pins.

  • With headbands

This hairstyle will appeal to those girls who want to be original, but not fanciful. To create the bun, you will need two thin rims, varnish, studs, and a rubber band. Collect the tail on the crown, pull the hair from the front out a little from under the elastic, but do not pull it out completely so that it does not fit close to the head. Then stack the free bundle as described above. Then place one bezel at a distance of about four centimeters from the hair, and the second at the same distance from the first. Fix varnish.

  • Pigtail 

It will be good both for informal theater and for going to work as well as look unusual and interesting. To start, make a tail and, selecting a few strands along the edges of it, braid pigtails out of them. From a loose hair, build a bun, and then fasten it on it or at its base. It can also be only one item. The main thing is to have enough hair length to impress everyone with your creative approach.

  • Wavy 

A great option for an evening happening. To create it, it is necessary to curl the hair in large waves, after applying a mousse on them. You can simply use the pins.

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