Hairstyles for Long Curls

Owners of long hair can not only be proud of such precious asset but also make hairstyles of extraordinary beauty. It is on long hair that you can make a wide variety of hairstyles, braids, knots, ponytails or simply dissolve the curls and attract views. 

With the help of this article, you will learn how to make simple and beautiful hairstyles for long hair.

Here are some tips for hairstyles: 

For long hair with flowing texture?

What could be more attractive than long flowing hair? It will suit absolutely everyone, but to look beautiful you also need to make some efforts. We offer you two options for the hair “loose hair”:

Curls and waves

  • Please note that if your strands are very long and thick, then, most likely, with the usual styling, curls will quickly straighten. Therefore, the use of special tools is necessary! You definitely need iron and thermal protective agents liquids. It should be noted: the larger the curls you want, the larger the diameter of the tongs should be. Before the procedure,   hair must be thoroughly dried, then apply protective and styling products and only then start.
  • If you use special rollers for the night, then the strands should not be a bit wet, otherwise, by the morning they will not dry and the long-awaited curls will not appear.
  • Another way to make hair wavy is to braid it, it is better to do it at night. Before this, it is recommended to slightly wet your head, and then you can use a little styling. If you want the waves to start from the roots, then you should make two French braids.

Straight hair

  • To look beautiful and elegant, you need to care for them much. They must be healthy and shiny. The tips should be always trimmed. Your shag must be properly laid.
  • Usually, a hairdryer and a round brush are very useful. To begin, the hair should dry naturally, in any case, do not start to dry wet hair. Warm air should be directed from the top down to “lay” in one direction. A special round brush will make the procedure really easier.
  • You will be surprised, but you can use not only the iron by straightening tongs. High temperature can seriously damage the hair, so it is better to choose items with a thermostat.
  • If your locks are bleak, buy some products to make them healthy & shining. Now such liquids can be found in the lines of almost any cosmetic brand.

You can vary the image with interesting details. There are a lot of options: for example, take the front strands and stab them back. Your face will become more open, and general appearance will become softer. Another option is to make a comb from the upper part of the hair, and leave the lower part to be loose: such an option is preferred by many celebrities on the red carpet. It will take only a couple of minutes. 

Keep in mind that small details can transform the most common hairstyle. Pin a flower, a ribbon, or pearls.

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