What haircuts mature Hollywood actresses like?

In order to help you decide what you to choose for your perfect look, we offer to look here, on the site, at a selection of the most beautiful, stylish and fashionable women’s hairstyles from red carpets. Hollywood celebrities and their star colleagues from other countries about whom media write there will help you with this issue.

All you have to do is find out a link with info about them, and then make the same stylish and fashionable hairstyle “like hers and even better!”

  • Long hair

On the basis of long hair, you can do a lot of hairstyles. Retro style, Greek and many others. But if we talk about the most popular and are universal, this means that they are relevant both in the afternoon and in the evening, then these are natural and as if careless curls.

How to make sloppy curls? F. e. American actress Laura Leighton applies a styling mousse on wet hair. Using ironing, she pulls the hair in the root zone – it is very important that the hair is well formed at the roots. Then divide the hair into large strands and twist them on a curling iron or hair curlers. To make a common onion look natural, apply some more mousse for styling or gel on them and remember them in your hands from the bottom up. After everything is ready, fix the result with hair spray.

  • Multi-level bob hairstyle

Danny Minogue as well as French beauty Sophie Marceau likes this option for medium-length hairs. This is a very relevant variant for those ladies who are not ready to change their long hair for a short haircut, but who want to update their image. This type of bob is preferred by the stylish Cate Blanchett. To make her strands look more voluminous, stylists lift hair at the root:

  • Layers for medium hair

Very beautiful hairstyle and highlighting at the owner of the Academy Award, 72-year-old Diane Keaton. Light strands on “carelessly” laid hair make this mature beautiful woman about 10 years younger. The next two photos are not actresses and stars, but no less stylish and beautiful women are 40-50 years old. Their hairstyles for medium-length hair we liked so much that we could not resist showing them to you:

  • Elongated bob

This retro hairstyle as in the photo is perfect for a woman of any age – mature and young. After making this hairstyle, put on an evening or even casual little black dress. Irresistible Sharon Stone used to wear it but nowadays she wants even shorter.

  • Boyish short cut

The Hollywood beauty Robin Wright recently decided on a complete change of image and short haircut. And, from our point of view, she took the risk not in vain: the former wife of Sean Penn impresses everyone. Moreover, as they say: strands are not the teeth, be sure to grow back. Now this bold and charming woman is in the focus of the world press. And her short haircut after long strands is the main argument. There are a lot of photos on the Internet of stunning Robin whom we still remember from Santa-Barbara soap opera. 

And she proved: mat age is not a disaster but wisdom and benefit.

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