Blunt Bob and its Varieties

Blunt bob is again in trend: let’s consider its features & types

This female hairdressing appeared in the middle of the last century and immediately became popular among the fair sex. It remains fashionable to this day. For many years, this cut has undergone a number of changes and now the hairstyle has many variations on any hair length.

Top distinctive features of it are clear lines and borders, but in a modern interpretation, torn edges and asymmetry are possible.

What are the major “pros” of this option:

  • the volume;
  • the roundness of forms; 
  • feminine silhouette;
  • it is carried out on hair of different lengths; 
  • suit for both short and rather long hair; 
  • it envisages a number of fashionable retro styles today; 
  • a great option to refresh your appearance.

Some important details

To correctly arrange such a haircut, it’s certainly worth considering all the nuances of appearance and choosing the most advantageous variation. 

  • It is important to know that a blunt bob without bangs is simply unimaginable. The fringe is its integral part forming the correct silhouette. Moreover, the best option is high and thick. For most styles bang is straight from the top and goes to the eyebrows. In modern versions, the bangs long to the middle of the forehead also became fashionable. If the bang does not suit you, or if you don’t like it, then a cap haircut is not for you.
  • It will look great on women with a pear-shaped face type (this is when the lower jaw is much more massive than the upper small jaw). It will perfectly balance all proportions.
  • The hairstyle looks perfect framing the square and oval type of a female. But girls and ladies who do not like bangs, this haircut is better not to choose.

Major types

  • Classic 

Short hair beautifully framed face; the length is equal around the perimeter, but sometimes it can get longer to the back of the head.

  • Asymmetric 

Different lengths of hair from one and the other side of the head gives the haircut asymmetry. The hairstyle will look great if the transition of hair length from short to long will be done very smoothly.

  • Double 

It envisages two layers. The first layer of hair is clipped to the upper edge of the ear, the second one slightly covers it and comes to the lobe.

  • Torn 

The haircut is characterized by the presence of torn edges and torn bangs. 

  • Long 

Rather long strands of hair remain in front, and on the back of the head, they are clipped as short as possible.

Remember that good shape needs regular trimming. The overgrown strands give the hairstyle an untidy, sloppy look. Even the most careful styling is not able to save the day. If it performed for long hair, the situation can be saved by making a ponytail or pin-up styling.

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